Jesus and His Parables Volume 1

Jesus and His Parables Volume 1

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Every parable has a hidden secret from Heaven, revealing God‰۪s heart and ideas to specifically bless His people whom He has called. In this series, I reveal what those secrets are. It is for everyone to hear the stories, but it is for you to enjoy the true, cherished treasure revealed in each one. You are going to truly enjoy this series, and your life will be changed forever.


1 The Sower #1åÊ

2 The Sower #2åÊ

3 House on the SandåÊ

4 Seed Springing Up / The Mustard SeedåÊ

5 Good Samaritan / Rich Fool / Rich Man & LazarusåÊ

6 Two Debtors / The Prodigal SonåÊ

7 The Good ShepherdåÊ

8 Sheep‰ÛÓGoats / Wheat‰ÛÓTares / 10 VirginsåÊ

9 The Banquet & Wedding Feast

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