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Series by Josh M. Barclay

In the circumstances of life, we sometimes find ourselves in the midst of utter chaos. But it is possible, with God, not only to survive but to come through it, victoriously. Learn how to maintain faith, an overcomer’s attitude, and to think straight when chaos and confusion are screaming at you. This series will give you that overcomer’s perspective, encourage you to stand and fight when you want to lie down, and let you see the end of it all where you win.

Message Titles

  1. Faith in the Chaos
  2. Peace in the Chaos
  3. What You Wear in the Chaos
  4. Joy in the Chaos
  5. Unshakable in the Chaos
  6. Freedom in the Chaos
  7. Where to Go in the Midst of Chaos
  8. Don’t Drown in the Chaos
  9. Jesus in the Chaos

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