About Us

About Us

For over 35 years, Mark T. Barclay has been preaching the uncompromised Word of God and making a stand for righteousness in the last days. A no-nonsense, straight-shooting preacher, Brother Barclay is a powerful voice for the new millennium, taking the body of Christ to the climax of the ages. He has a precise mission on his heart and mind—to bring a move of the Holy Spirit to the world and prepare God’s people for His coming.

Dr. Barclay is an international author whose materials continue to fortify many churches and believers around the world. He's become a favored conference speaker and travels about 50 weeks each year, speaking almost nightly. He pioneered Living Word Church in Midland, Michigan, which has grown from a handful of believers in the basement of a rental home to a church with hundreds of members and partners.

Brother Barclay is mostly known as a leader among leaders and a mentor to many preachers and professionals. His straightforward and bold preaching, mixed with his lifestyle of Bible convictions, has caused him to be known by many as the Preacher of Righteousness. He feels called to promote right living in these last days and help as many hurting people as possible with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A stickler for the Word of God, he pioneered a Bible school for preachers and lay people alike that has helped hundreds of people find their place in the ministry and help build their local churches. This school, Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI), is now hosted by many other churches in America as well as other countries and languages of the world.

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