7 Golden Keys

7 Golden Keys

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I preached this series on purpose, knowing that all of us go through things that are not easy. Whether you’re talking about your family, health, job, or money—even when everything is going well, life presents its own challenges, all by itself. These are seven golden keys Vickie and I have learned that constantly bring us victory—no matter what we face, no matter what we’re going through, and whether it’s a great day or not such a great day. We have always relied upon God and His Word and these powerful truths to put us across the finish line. I’m sure that as you study them with your Bible and listen to them, faith will come to you, victory will rise in your heart, and it will be a great reminder to you that we must fight life through. I know you’ll enjoy this series and some of the cool stories in it that will motivate you. I call you blessed today!

CD Titles

  1. Living Your Life for Christ
  2. Money–Get It Right With God
  3. Enjoying a Life Free "From" Sin
  4. Living in Obedience to God
  5. Enjoying a Godly Family
  6. Enjoying Your Health
  7. Living a Grateful Life

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