Breaking Soul Ties 2

Breaking Soul Ties 2

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This series by Mark T. Barclay contains the following titles:
  1. Dealing With Limiting Forces 
  2. Human Emotions
  3. Stop Vexing Your Own Soul
  4. How to Break a Soul Tie  
  5. Stopping Scheming Friends


I’ve been a Christian leader for about five decades. It never ceases to amaze me when I see people self-destruct. Because I walk with Christ, I have His heart to shepherd people. It hurts my heart to watch this when I know that most of it can be avoided. That’s right! Most bad things and self-destruction can be either avoided or stopped before it’s too late. In this series, Breaking Soul Ties 2, I will deal with exactly that. There is a lot of medicine in these teachings. You will learn how the enemy works against you, and you will acquire new tools to fight him. Once you have listened to this a time or two, you will want to pass it on to friends or relatives.

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