Breaking Soul Ties

Breaking Soul Ties

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This series by Mark T. Barclay contains the following titles:
  1. Vexing the Soul
  2. Vexing the Soul #2
  3. Delivered From Yourself
  4. How to Get Delivered From People
  5. Limiting Forces
  6. Forgiveness and Severance


This series describes the vexing of the soul, how people do it to themselves on a regular and even daily basis, and secrets about how to stop this terrible attack upon your own soul. It also explains the ties that humans make from soul to soul. In many cases, these must be broken, for they are not proper and often lead to destruction. This series will help you with your friends and expose those who shouldn’t be, and teach you how to deal with your enemies and those who have violated you or sinned against you. This is a necessary series if you want to live free in these last days. 

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