Building Your Prayer Life

Building Your Prayer Life

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In this two-message series, I reveal the secrets of God’s power in my life—how He has spoken to me, how I have developed a relationship with His voice, and how I went from a being a very young and not-so-confident minister to a global leader. I hope you will listen to this over and again to further develop your prayer life and enhance your time and your walk with God. Every believer, no matter how mature or immature, needs this desperately. 



  1. I Will Turn Aside 
  2. Building a Personal Altar With God 

Free Bonus Material
(in printable PDF format)

  • “Pray with Dr. Barclay” (prayer cards)
  • “8 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers” (teaching outline)
  • “What to Do When You Have Been Prayed For” (teaching outline)
  • Psalm 91 Confession
  • Prayer Slides (topical guides for corporate prayer)

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