Christmas and the New Year

Christmas and the New Year

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Every Christian should know every true fact about Christmas. It’s the only way we will be able to turn back the fantasies and worldliness that have totally reshaped the celebration of this extraordinary season. In this series, I will show you the true roots of Christmas, help you denounce the false, and equip you to win your family and friends for Christ. Many of these truths are not taught anymore, even in our churches. It is Jesus’ birthday celebration, and it is the virgin birth of the Savior and Christ Himself. Let’s study together and rediscover these awesome truths. 

This bonus message, How to Enter a New Year, is a must for all Christians everywhere. I will share how to make a new contract with life and new commitments to Christ. Many people have testified it is a life-changing message. You will listen to this over and over, every year of your life.


1 Christmas—5 Reasons Jesus Came to Earth 

2 Christmas—5 Reasons Jesus Came to Earth (continued) 

3 Why the Virgin Birth? 

4 Christmas—Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh 

5 The Prince of Peace 

6 How to Enter a New Year


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