Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind

Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind

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New series by Josh M. Barclay

In our world today, we are bombarded by words and images that can drive us away from an eternal perspective. It’s easy to ignore the soft whisper of Jesus’ words when the world is calling to us to do what feels good, not what’s right. Jesus is all around us and on every page of the Bible. All we have to do is reach out, and He will take our hand and guide us to a better life.


  1. Life to the Lifeless 
  2. Jesus & the Paralytic 
  3. Jesus & the Blind Man 
  4. Jesus & the Samaritan Woman 
  5. Jesus & the Demon-Possessed Man 
  6. Jesus & Zacheus 
  7. Jesus & the Woman With the Issue of Blood 
  8. Jesus & Nicodemus 
  9. Jesus & the Centurion 
  10. Drop the Rocks 
  11. Mistaken Identity 


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