Digging Out The 18 Wells Of Life

Digging Out The 18 Wells Of Life

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In this series I have defined the 18 wells of life. Each well is watered by the river that flows from the throne room of God. I reveal how they can bring refreshing and life to every area of your life. Our fathers in the faith dug these wells for us to enjoy. God’s purpose for them is to refresh us and bring us life. The Philistines (worldly, dirty, sin-filled, people—Christian or not) want you to be soiled and dry. They want to fill in your wells and block them as a life source. In these messages I explain how your wells can become blocked and what to do about it. If you and I will dig out these wells, we will live the high life that Jesus came to give us. Many are ministered to when they hear me preach these truths and explain how they work, and I believe you will be too.


1.       Unstop the Wells

2.       18 Wells of Life

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