Foundation Truths

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Foundation Truths is the answer for believers who have never attended any formal Bible college and would like to understand and study about the cardinal doctrines and foundation principles of Christianity. This systematic training syllabus, which includes 19 teachings by Mark T. Barclay, is a necessary addition to every believer’s library.

Syllabus Titles

  1. Anthropology: The Study of Man
  2. Theology: The Names & Attributes of God
  3. Soteriology: The Work of Calvary
  4. The Blood of Jesus: Redemption
  5. Pneumatology: The Basic Christian Experiences
  6. The Authority of God’s Word
  7. The Authority in the Name of Jesus
  8. Angelology
  9. Ecclesiology: The Study of the Church
  10. Bible Tithing Principles
  11. Deliverance From Poverty, Debt & Lack
  12. The Importance of Church Attendance
  13. Practicing the Presence of the Lord
  14. The Supernatural Helps Ministry
  15. Walking by Faith
  16. Cardinal Doctrines of the New Testament Church
  17. Statement of Faith
  18. The Institution of Marriage & Family
  19. Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things

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