God Wants to Restore Things to You

God Wants to Restore Things to You

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I consider this to be one of the most important and life-changing messages I have preached. So many people have testified of how much it has encouraged them and put hope back in their heart. Most have passed it on to a close friend or loved one, or bought a second one to give away. This series will be a review for many, and remind others of God’s ultimate grace and mercy to warn those who are down and out. It will put a fresh anointing on you to come out of deep discouragement and stop calling yourself names. It will remind you that we should call ourselves the names that God calls us. Many people have been set free and are enjoying a refreshed view on life and strong, happy days. May it be such a blessing to you.



1 God Is a Restorer

2 God Wants to Restore Things to You

3 Little Things and Big Things

4 Mephibosheth— From a Dog to the King’s Table… Wow!

5 Beating the Perils of Discouragement

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