How Not to be Defiled

How Not to be Defiled

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Don’t be defiled! Live the abundant life God wants for you. It’s as simple as that. God has a plan for you, and satan has a plan for you. Every day of your life, you get to choose which way your life will go. In this series, I reveal the way of God as well as the traps and snares of the evil one. If you understand how these things work, a decision can be made in line with how you want to live. I love the blessing and hate the curse, and I will do everything possible to live the abundant life. I hate the turmoil and pain that sin and the curse bring. Let me help you find the higher way of living! 

Series Titles:
1 Golden Connectors to Live an Abundant Life 

2 Don’t Be Defiled 

3 6 Ways Not to Be Defiled 

4 Don’t Go Without God’s Presence 

5 Stop the Tormentor of Your Mind 

6 Stopping the Great Imposter 

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