How to Be Free From Unclean Spirits

How to Be Free From Unclean Spirits

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Series by Mark T. Barclay:

This is one of the most important series I have ever taught to help the body of Christ, especially now in such troubled times. Demons are taking over people’s lives and even many ministries. I recommend this series to everyone, as I will reveal satan and his army of invisible enemy soldiers on every message. If you’re aware they’re coming, you can stop them in the name of Jesus. This is about to revolutionize your life and weaponize you like never before.

Message Titles: 

  1. Deception and Seduction
  2. The Lying Spirit
  3. The Demon of Lust and How to Beat It
  4. Spirit of Jealousy and Envy
  5. Spirit of Pride
  6. Spirit of Obsession
  7. The Familiar Spirit
  8. Spirit of Treason
  9. Armor of God
  10. The Weapons of Our Warfare

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