Keys to Peace & Victory

Keys to Peace & Victory

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Series by Mark T. Barclay

In this series, we have chosen six different messages that I preached, and each one really brought strength and victory to the listeners. We live in a tough day, and it seems that the warfare is intensifying for everyone. So why not grab ahold of some supernatural remedies and soul-protection principles? These messages are filled with testimonies and scriptures that will remind you of not only the goodness of God but His plan to deliver you. Live long, and live strong in God!

Message Titles 

  1. True Worshippers
  2. How to Avoid Shipwreck
  3. How to Deal With the Storms of Life
  4. How to Live a Peaceful Life
  5. 40 Years Ministry Secret—Gratitude
  6. I Am a Forgiver

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