Staying Fresh & Full of God's Zeal

Staying Fresh & Full of God's Zeal

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I’m really excited for you that you are interested in this series. I believe it is hand-crafted for today. Life presents many things to discourage us and steal our joy. There is also an enemy called the devil who has an army of demons that are constantly trying to steal our inner energy, our confidence, and our motivation. We can’t stop all tribulations and trials, but we can determine what happens in the midst of them. When you go through things, it’s what happens on the inside of you that causes what happens around you. There is nothing like the zeal of God and the joy of God. I’ve lived many years as a baptized Christian, and I’m telling you that the power of the Holy Spirit is the greatest friend you have. Being full of the Spirit is a top-notch way to live your life. That, my friend, is what this series is all about! 


1 Staying Fresh & Full of God’s Zeal 

2 Full of the Spirit 

3 Guarding Your Joy

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