The Ministry of Reconciliation

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This is one awesome series—that’s what everyone tells me. Not only does it talk about how you can reconcile others to Christ, but also how you can enjoy your relationship with Him. It is a day when we absolutely, without a doubt, need the power of God in our lives to beat all the evil and filth that surround us like a leaking sewer. We are to live higher than this. Each message is hand-selected to enlarge you and anoint you to be totally victorious today. We must not just have a revelation of what Jesus has done for us but be able to walk it out. Get ready to be the most powerful Christian you have ever been yet.

Series Titles:

1. The Prodigal Son 

2. Forgiven to Forgive 

3. The Word / The Blood / The Preacher 

4. Let Your Light Shine 

5. Brands Plucked Out of the Burning 

6. Bruised Reeds— Smoldering Flax 

7. Review

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