Things You Need for the Day Ahead

Things You Need for the Day Ahead

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Book by Mark T. Barclay

This book was written to alert everyone (sinner and saint) to the coming perils, calamities, and filth that human power will not be able to overcome. Much of the future will be affected by holy wars and the terrible elements attached to them. The air will be agitated with both hatred and a false, humanistic form of peace. In some areas there will be uprisings and grave danger, while others will be soothed with an overwhelming sense of false peace. Multitudes will be mesmerized with their new leaders, who will have little solution but great popularity.

This will be a prelude to the entry of the antichrist. The peoples of the earth are now being prepared for his arrival. The times will be extremely dangerous and eternally damning. Thats why I wrote this simple-reading, hard-hitting book. Those who cling to truth and the Lord Jesus Christ will make it some as survivors and some as conquerors. They will endure to the end.

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