What Does God Have to Say About it?

What Does God Have to Say About it?

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The six messages in this series have already rescued many people. It is amazing to me that God has always made Himself extremely clear on all matters of life. Dr. Fred Price said, “God purchased us. We are not our own; we belong to Him. If God loves something, we should love it; and if God hates something, we should hate it.” Many people don’t seem to really know what God thinks about the issues of life. That’s why I preached these unusual messages. They are life changing. Do NOT celebrate evil doings. “Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house” (Prov. 17:13).


  1. 26 Things the Lord Hates 
  2. Things God Does NOT Bless 
  3. Worry! 
  4. Protection From Evil 
  5. Protect Yourself From the Elements of the Day 
  6. Daring to Believe God 

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