Your Eternal Residence—Heaven or Hell?

Your Eternal Residence—Heaven or Hell?

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I’ve been very concerned in my spirit about many churchgoers who believe they’re right with God when perhaps they are not. The Bible is very clear about who is and who is not and which type of lifestyle is permitted or rejected. We must make sure we’re doing our part. We all rejoice that Jesus did His part—that is for sure! In this series, I’m going to help walk you through the severe requirements described in the Bible that guarantee you’ll make Heaven. That is the goal, and that’s why pastors and preachers like me are working so hard to get you ready for eternity.

Series Titles:
1 A Little Leaven 

2 Is Your Excuse Really Good Enough? 

3 The Reality of Hell 

4 Escaping the Perils That Take You to Hell 

5 What Do We Do Until Jesus Comes? 

6 Will You Enter Heaven? 

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