Ministry of Helps

Ministry of Helps

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Every believer everywhere is called by God. We all have giftings and ministries outside the local church (the ministry of reconciliation) and inside the local church (to build His house and His army). We are all able ministers of the New Testament. We all have been saved for a purpose and on purpose. You are no different. On Judgment Day, we all will give an account to Jesus Christ for what we did with our life and our gifts. This series is explosive. It is life-changing. It will open your eyes wide to the supernatural call on your life.

Series Titles:

1. I Am Called as Much as Anyone 

2. Workers Together 

3. Heart of an Armorbearer 

4. Helps Ministry Is a Heart Thing 

5. The Heart to Help 

6. Addicted to the Ministry of the Saints 

7. Spirit of Helps

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